We aim to hire the best people in the industry

We actively look for talent and potential in all candidates, people who fit the culture and can make a valuable contribution to our team.  A positive, ‘can do’ attitude is vital for success.  The following sums up what working in the Richard Crookes Constructions team is like:

Family company culture

Richard Crookes Constructions is owned and run by the Crookes family.  The company’s values reflect the family’s values:
hard-working, fair, honest, respectful, collaborative, high standards, and practical.  The company, like the family, takes a personal interest in every project and every client.

Performance and outcomes driven

Politics and egos don’t fit in at Richard Crookes Constructions.  Our people have a high work ethic and produce excellent results in an efficient, effective and harmonious team environment.

Maintaining harmony is important to us because our business is based on long-term relationships.  We pride ourselves in behaving in a professional, respectful and reasonable manner.

People are promoted on their performance, their commitment and their alignment with the company’s values.  We are proud of the tenure of our staff and who started as cadets, or in junior positions, and have ended up as project managers, contract administrators and senior executives.

Autonomy and trust

Our staff are given autonomy and are trusted to get on with the job, make decisions, and maintain forward momentum.

We maintain a flat management structure with an open door policy so in the event our managers need to escalate issues they have direct and immediate access to our executive team to facilitate quick decisions.

Like any large and professional organisation we have procedures and policies and management systems to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, consistency and maximum support for our teams.

People who engage in the business

We expect our people to engage in the business and be part of its success, growth and evolution.  This means being frank and open and challenging the way we doing things and suggesting better ways.

Focus on continual improvement

We are continually growing and evolving as an organisation.  We are an innovative builder consistently improving the way we do things.  We learn from our mistakes and our successes, and transfer that knowledge and experience to others in the business.

Staff appreciation and retention

We choose our staff carefully and are focussed on creating an environment that encourages long tenure.

One way we do this is to run a ‘Staff Appreciation Program’, consisting of different social events and rewards.

Keeping our staff informed is important: business progress, key activities, achievements, issues and general news.  We do this in a number of ways through company intranet, forums, informal regular catch-ups and other social events.

Staff development

Our people want to grow and develop, and we want to help them do that.

At Richard Crookes Constructions we don’t have Performance Appraisals.  Too often this is a one-way, poorly prepared and executed dialogue.  Instead we have introduced ‘Your Progress Review’, in which staff members and their manager discuss a number of issues important to them and the company: satisfaction, progress towards development goals, career aspirations and plan, cultural fit, performance, future development planning and remuneration.

Everyone’s a leader

A fundamental principle at Richard Crookes Constructions is that everyone has the potential to be a leader.  No matter what your level or role, whether it be leading a team of Richard Crookes Constructions people, external consultants or trade subcontractors the same behaviours apply to achieving the best results.

In 2013 we implemented a Leadership Development Program across the company to help develop people’s leadership and professional skills.  It involved 360 degree feedback, coaching, training and mentoring. This Program will continue in 2014.

Career path and tenure

We take great pride in seeing our young people grow and develop.

We run a cadet program internally with numerous cadets progressing through the ranks to be project managers.  Some have done so very quickly. We nurture and develop our talent and give people opportunities to grow. Our Project Managers and Construction Managers support and mentor their teams.  Staff are given training and attend regular Peer Group forums (Project Managers, Site Managers, Contract Administrators) where knowledge, experience and learnings are shared.

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We are proud that almost one-third of our staff have been with us for 5 or more years, and one-fifth for 10 years or more.